Cool To Be Kind

While spending a morning ironing I have caught up on all the reality trash tv I have missed!!

It occurred to me that the message we are now sending our kids is that it is cool to be unkind.

This is of huge concern to me, having a child who is vulnerable to this kind of behaviour. I cannot express enough the importance of the messages we are sending out to our kids and as social media and reality tv is letting our us down, I ask you the parent to give another message.

I am not asking for your child to devote their whole time befriending the “odd” kid in the playground, I know more than anyone how challenging this can be. A simple hello, smile can be enough to raise the self esteem of another.
I ask you…..Would it really spoil your child’s party to invite that kid to their birthday? What would have little effect on your child’s party has huge positive impact on these kids who are left out of…..everything!

Yes I said everything.

A lot of these kids go through their whole childhood without one single friend.
Imagine….that level of loneliness, never feeling noticed or accepted and watching a bunch of kids around you having a nice time. No you can’t because it unimaginable….but it is real!!

On a typical day in our playground I can count 4 neuro typical children who acknowledge my child. There are over 400 kids in our school!!! I am so thankful for these 3 little stars….even when my child blanks them, the next day, there they are again with their warm smiles and open hearts. You my darlings will go far ❤

There is a great website which gives fab ideas on how to incorporate kindness into their lives.

I tell my kids that when YOU are kind, the main beneficiary is YOU!

Be Kind…..Always

Always be a łlittle kinder than necessary.

Help spread the word…’s cool to be kind 💙


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