All You Need Is Love

image.jpgI try to only write positive posts regarding Zak but sometimes feel that I am not always being truly honest and sharing our more difficult times.

After putting Zak to bed last night my hubby had to pick me up off the kitchen floor……sobbing!! I am so grateful to him, he never asks any questions to what this time has sent me over the edge, he’s just there.

Zak’s best friend (only friend) is away from school this week and Zak finds this particularly challenging. At bath time tonight he told me that at playtime he is OK being on his own as he can “blend in” on the adventure playground or just kicking a ball. However eating lunch in the hall he struggles eating alone. He then proceeded to tell me he asked a few boys if they would like to sit with him, one of which replied……why would I want to sit with a boy like you???

With a heavy heart I explain to him that kids can be unkind and these kids are only 9 and can’t possibly understand how his magic little brain works and they just have different interests, that I’m always in his heart and to be proud of who he is.

I have to admit there is the unkind part of me that wants to march into the playground, hunt down the kid, pin him down and give him what for but what is that really teaching our kids.

If everyone’s first response was one of kindness all the other responses would pail to insignificance. When you are kind, the main beneficiary is you! When you are unkind the main beneficiary is you.

After 10 minutes of crying in Dave’s arms, I dust myself down as I am no use to Zak by allowing other people’s actions to hurt me so deep.
I go back upstairs and explain to Zak that all that matters in this life is being loved. You can have a hundred friends and be lonely. You can have success and be lonely. You can have money and be lonely.

You can never have love and be lonely.

Zak, you have a strong, loving family who adore you, you are such a lucky boy!!

There are 10 of us in your family who cheer you on all the way and that my gorgeous boy is like having a silent army behind you!

4 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

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  2. Oh my word Trish…I am in tears too now having read your post. Firstly I am shocked that a pupil at our boys’ school would say such a thing to Zak. But you are right….you can have many friends but still feel incredibly lonely but if you are loved by just one person you will not be lonely. I know just how much Zak is loved by the family and I would like him to know he is loved by us also. He is such a special person who is gorgeous. Yes he has his challenges which are hard to deal with…like my little man, but he is nevertheless gorgeous.
    I can fully understand why this upset you so much as it is hard enough to keep going and dealing with issues on a day to day basis..without some ignorant person being so cruel. FYI I had previously had a discussion with SEN teacher at school about them having an autism assembly at school for a speaker to talk to the whole school to explain about autism so that all children are aware of just how special children like our boys are and how clever and fun friends they can be….but am not aware that was followed up…I might just chase this up with new SEN teacher and new Head.
    Finally I just wanted to say what an amazing mum you are to Zak and all your family. You work tirelessly to help improve life for Zak and you work so hard, but you must remember to take time out for you. Xx

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